Lineage Stones are powerful amulets and precious gems infused with life energy. The magical practice of harnessing the living soul and trapping it within an artifact to be used as a fuel for spell casting or for enhancing the abilities of the possessor. The arts used to create these lineage stones are almost completely lost to the current generation of Faerun, however, many Lineage Stones are still in existence. The Riven houses of almost 4,000 years past were practitioners of Lineage Magic.

They would place their seasoned souls, that had aged and weathered centuries of life, into heritage keepsakes to pass down along royal bloodlines. Only those who shared a direct bloodline could access the potent magics within, and this ensured that Noble Houses would retain their power, status, and position. Over the millenniums, dark and evil ambitions tainted select members of the bloodline and the magics were abused to catastrophic ends. Alliances were shattered by war, and civil unrest raged rampant. Lineage Magic was declared too powerful, capable of tearing apart the fabric of the multiverse when united. They were hidden away, never to be used again.

It is unknown exactly how many are still on the face of Faerun, but their power, as great as it is, was beyond the means of destruction. The centuries old relics and their magical harnessed energy has resurfaced, and again threatens Faerun with treacherous war, and oblivion if their inevitable release is not thwarted, only the standing bloodlines, and those who are unfortunate enough to learn of the stones can stand in theway of fate, and turn the wheel of destiny from its current path.

Lineage Stones

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